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 Level 1 Courses 


Courses meeting the training requirements for individuals wishing to achieve a level 1 standing as outlined in the newly revised Day Care Standards.  

60 hours of Behaviour Guidance and Child Development and 30 hours of Curriculum and Programming (all courses can also be applied to the ECE Diploma)

Curriculum and Programming 

Play and Learning 

Behaviour Guidance

Guiding and Understanding Behaviour

Methods in Child and Youth Guidance 

Child Development

Introduction to Human Growth and Development 

Human Development: Preschool/School Age 

Guided Placements will be worked out with individual participants with seminar sessions to be determined 

GPE1013 - 8 week Guided Placement #1

GPE1023 - 8 week Guided Placement # 2


Course fees:

$595.00 per course- all required texts included.  $700.00 per placement. Fee to be paid two weeks in advance of start date.

 Courses will run pending sufficient enrollment.  In the case of a course cancellation full refunds will be made.

For additional Information or to register

Call: 902-893-3342 

email: infoThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Revised May 3, 2017

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